Media Arts - Broadcast Production


You can earn a broadcast production certificate. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 16 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses

Core 14 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BRDC 1110 Radio Production and Performance
Theory and application of radio production and announcing techniques beginning with control board operation, turntables, tape recorders, routing signals, audio signal flow and microphones; and finishing the semester by learning and developing announcing skills, including reading, interpreting copy, pronunciation, voice development, announcing music, reading commercials, and interviewing. Jobs in radio are also discussed.
BRDC 1120 Broadcast News
Principles of news writing for radio and TV, plus techniques of news gathering are studied and practiced. Some assignments will be based on actual wire service copy and news stories from local stations. During the semester, students will be scheduled to write news stories for the college's cable channel.
BRDC 1210 Television Production and Performance
Knowledge and skill development in camera operation, TV audio, lighting, videotape recorders, set and graphics design, electronic editing, electronic field production and principles of television production are featured. Also included are remote productions, TV studio and control room use and special effects. Jobs in TV are discussed.
BRDC 1235 Broadcast Scripts
Writing principles for radio and television are introduced. Additional topics covered are: formats of scripts, writing public service announcements and promotional announcements, working with advertisers to write commercials.
CINE 1700 Post Production I
Introduction to concepts and techniques of video and audio editing and post-production using a non-linear, computer-based production system.

Required Core Option Courses

Technology 3 Credit Hours

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Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BRDC 1220 Television Production and Performance II
Planning, shooting and editing TV news reports and longer feature segments are covered along with television performing, producing and directing. Students also deliver a TV weather segment, conduct a studio interview and produce a video announcement.
BRDC 1250 Applied Radio Production I
Practical experience as a staff member of KHWK, the college cable access channel. Duties will include disc jockey shifts, writing and announcing news and producing public service announcements. Night work will be included.

Required General Education Courses

Behavioral Science & Social Science 2-3 Credit Hours

select one or any other AAS approved general education course select one
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
PSYC 1000 Human Relations
Exposure to practical information from psychology for use in everyday human relations and to improve communication skills.
ECON 1040 Personal Finance
This course covers the basic principles needed for effective personal financial management including the practical applications of money management, budgeting, taxes, credit, insurance, housing, investments, and retirement planning.

Note! Note to Current Students

We strongly recommend that you review your course schedule with your advisor and consult the college catalog for specific program requirements.