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Electromechanical Technology

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Learn the skills to install, maintain, and repair complex industrial equipment in the Electromechanical Technology program. Your study will focus on electrical principles, circuitry, electrical controls, robotics, print reading, programming, computer-aided drafting, mechanical systems, and other components related to electromechanical repair. Learn from concentrated classroom instruction and hands-on learning.

Our instructors have worked in the field and will provide you with real world experience. You'll learn how to troubleshoot electrical and electronic systems, manufacturing processes, hydraulic and pneumatic operations, motor and logic controls, power transmissions, and robotics and automated systems.

Enrollment in this program is limited and based on the date of completed requirements for acceptance into this program.

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Intern Information

Internships with businesses will give you networking opportunities and a chance to build your skills.

Career Information

As an Electromechanical technician you will work in a wide variety of industries that use electromechanical equipment, such as automatic pilot systems, elevator controls, vending machines, and guided missile systems. Electromechanical equipment is used to take photographs of stars and regulate cancer treatments. It is also used in many manufacturing processes. You will work with equipment that uses electric power to operate mechanical controls. To work on this equipment you will need to understand the basic laws of electricity and electronics as well as mechanics. You will design, develop, test and manufacture electrical and computer-controlled mechanical systems.

Salary Information

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average salary for an electromechanical technician in Nebraska is $48,000.

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