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Criminal Justice Law Enforcement

Degrees and Programs

A degree in criminal justice can be your first step to an exciting and rewarding career in public safety. We offer an associate of arts degree in law enforcement.

The associate of arts degree with a concentration in criminal justice will give you knowledge to apply directly on the job or to continue study toward a four-year degree. This degree takes an interdisciplinary approach that provides a knowledge base and encourages initiative and integrity. After completing an associate of arts degree, you may choose to transfer to a four-year college.

We have an active Criminal Justice Association for students. Some activities include tours to various correctional facilities, such as the Omaha Correctional Facility and Madison County Jail, hosting speakers to discuss various criminal justice career fields, and demonstrations of the Mobile Crime Lab and repelling wall. There are several opportunities to get involved with community events. In past years, we have assisted with security at the Cattleman's Ball, assisted with a missing person search, and conducted a security assessment for campus.

There are strict admission qualifications if you are considering employment in the criminal justice profession. Factors that usually disqualify candidates from employment include a criminal record (i.e. theft, assault, murder), history of drug/alcohol abuse, significant psychological/personal disorders, physiological disorders, neuromuscular dysfunction, dishonesty, etc. Law enforcement agencies hire only the best qualified individuals to obtain and maintain public trust and confidence.

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Career Information

Job outlook is good. Career fields include law enforcement, probation and parole, counseling, education, social services, security, and consulting. A degree in law enforcement or as a correctional officer may not be required to be considered for employment, but an officer will not be able to advance without a degree.

Salary Information

Salaries vary depending on specific career and place of employment. Metropolitan areas tend to pay higher wages.

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