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Business Administration

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Business Administration

While learning the fundamentals of business, you'll develop effective leadership skills for real-life situations. You'll be challenged to solve problems and seize opportunities. All classes are taught by faculty with both a Masters degree and professional experience.

The business administration program is a two-year liberal arts curriculum if you plan to transfer to a four-year college for a bachelor's degree in one of many areas of business.  With its emphasis on accounting, business law, business communications, economics, and statistics, this program will prepare you for success at the transfer institution.

All classes can be completed online.

Career Information

Business Administration

Job opportunities in the business field are expected to steadily grow. Our graduates will find their degree will open doors in many fields. If you choose to continue your education, you'll be well prepared for the Challenge.

Salary Information

Salaries will vary greatly depending on the type and location of the job.

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Business Administration

You have one option available when enrolling in this program of study.