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Electrical Construction and Control

Degrees and Programs

Enroll in the electrical construction and control program and learn the basics of electrical wiring for the installation and maintenance of lighting, appliances, motors, heating, and air conditioning. Your training will include the operation, testing, and maintenance of electrical equipment and electronics for skills in electrical controls and solid state devices and computer experience using a programmable controller. Employment opportunities for graduates of the two-year electrician program can be found in power distribution, industrial maintenance, electrical and service work, installation and service of irrigation equipment, and new construction.

Our labs are built to provide a realistic setting for learning. You'll learn proper safety procedures under the direction of an experienced teacher. You'll have the chance to work on the student-built houses on campus, as well as many other real-life projects.

Classes are held Monday through Thursday, allowing for a three-day weekend.

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Courses and Program Options

Intern Information

Internships with local businesses will give you networking opportunities and a chance to build your skills.

Career Information

Electricians generally focus on either construction or maintenance, although many do both. Electricians specializing in construction primarily install wiring systems into factories, businesses, and new homes. Electricians specializing in maintenance work fix and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair electrical equipment. Employment opportunities are expected to grow at a good rate. Electricians with the widest range of skills, including voice, data, and video wiring will be in high demand.

Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for our 20 county area, the annual salary range for electrical and electronics installers and repairers is $36,754 - $44,845.

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