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Ping Pong

The Rules

  • Each pair of partners will receive an opponent's name and phone number from Marcus Clapp.
  • It is the teams' responsibility to contact one another and arrange a date and time within the week to play.
  • It will be the winner's responsibility to contact Marcus Clapp by each deadline; failure to do so will be a forfeit.
  • Each match will be best two out of three games.

Playing the Game

  • Serve must bounce on both ends of the table
  • Play-after the bounce on your side, hit the ball back to your opponent's side and bounce on the table. If you hit before the ball bounces, you lose a point.
  • If the ball doesn’t land on the other end because it goes out of bounds, you lose a point.
  • Fall on the net- if the ball is hit to the net and doesn’t land on the other end, you lose a point
  • Bounce twice or more- player on that side loses a point
  • Freehand- the hand that's not holding the paddle cannot touch the table. If it does touch-fault, lose a point


  • The first player to score 11 points wins the game.
  • The game must be won by two points.
  • A match is best two out of three.

Serving and Choice of Ends

  • Coin Toss or Paper, Rock, Scissor determines who can pick to SERVE or RECEIVE or choice of ends.
  • After each game, you will alternate ends. Should there be a tie, one game to one game, the players will change ends after the first player reaches five points in the final game.
  • Each player serves two points and switches the serve to the opponent. At deuce (10:10), the serves alternate between each player.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy. If you already have a team, then fill out the roster form (located under Intramural Board in the Cox Activity Center) and submit it to Cox 110. If you don't have a team but would like to sign up as a "free agent", then fill out our free agent application.