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The Rules

  • Teams are compromised of three (3) bowlers.
  • Each bowler will bowl three (3) games per night.
  • Your maximum roster will be six (6) bowlers.
  • Bowlers can only be on one team roster, if you are caught playing on two teams, both your original team and the team that picked you up will forfeit their last games.

Playing the Game

  • Two players must be present at game time to avoid a forfeit.
  • Every player must show their current Northeast ID before every game in order to play. Anyone without an ID will NOT play.
  • Cost will be $6 per person per night. ($2 per game and that includes shoe rental). Must be paid each night before games begin.
  • Once a bowler bowls his/her first game for the night, he/she must complete all games.
  • No substitutions for the night once you start. You can substitute weekly.


  • King's Lanes will keep track of league scores.
  • Winner will be determined by total team scores.

Game Time

  • League will be played on Tuesday nights for six weeks.
  • Games will begin at 5:00 p.m.
  • Teams must be present and signed in by their scheduled game time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.


  • Best record will win the Intramural Championship T-shirt

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy. If you already have a team, then fill out the roster form (located under Intramural Board in the Cox Activity Center) and submit it to Cox 110. If you don't have a team but would like to sign up as a "free agent", then fill out our free agent application.