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The Analytic Services Department at Northeast Community College is working to connect what we see in the news with the situation on the ground where we live. We use the data and modelling from the experts and research what it means for our community. These articles are prepared by Jody Gibson, a data scientist within the department. She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and health, as well as a master’s degree in public health, specializing in epidemiology and biostatistics.

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  • This is What an Outbreak Looks Like

    This is What an Outbreak Looks Like

    by jgleaso1  5/1/2020 2:06:52 PM -- 

    Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in five Nebraska counties and are growing at an alarming rate. They just happen to be the same counties where meat processing plants are found. And two of these counties are located in northeast Nebraska.

  • Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3

    Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3

    by jgleaso1  4/20/2020 1:54:21 PM -- 

    Though testing in northeast Nebraska is ramping up, we are still not testing enough. We will need improved testing in order to relax our restrictions.

  • The Scary in the Hidden

    The Scary in the Hidden

    by jgleaso1  4/15/2020 11:12:03 AM -- 

    As we anxiously await medicine to help us fight COVID-19, we’re left with the evasion tactic. We can’t see this horrible monster that is making millions of people sick and killing more than 120,000 people worldwide (so far). And we certainly can’t see it in our neighborhood where there might not be any confirmed cases (so far). One way to know that this is still serious in our personal lives is to look at when the confirmed cases started getting sick.

  • The Hope in Our Economy

    The Hope in Our Economy

    by jgleaso1  4/7/2020 11:02:30 AM -- 

    More than a thousand of us in northeast Nebraska have lost our jobs. Many of us have had to decrease how much we work. Some of us are sick, however, most of us will recover. Our economy will also recover. But how quickly we can get back to a steady paycheck depends on how good we are at waiting.

  • Flattening the Northeast Nebraska Curve

    Flattening the Northeast Nebraska Curve

    by jgleaso1  3/30/2020 4:46:32 PM -- 

    We have three cases here and there will be more, but there doesn’t have to be a lot more. By keeping the number low, this will also have an impact on the region both economically and psychologically. In northeast Nebraska, more than 10,000 people commute in or out of the state for work and we have not been performing well with restricted travel. This imposes a risk in our community.

  • Plan for the Worst but Hope for the Best

    Plan for the Worst but Hope for the Best

    by jgleaso1  3/21/2020 2:22:24 PM -- 

    We have an older population that is more at risk. If we do not stay at home, we can soon expect 2500 cases, 400 hospitalizations, 150 needing the ICU, and 80 needing ventilators. In a month, we might expect at least 80 people to die.

  • Help for Norfolk Community and Faith Regional Health Services

    Help for Norfolk Community and Faith Regional Health Services

    by jgleaso1  3/18/2020 10:10:41 AM -- 

    Norfolk may not have any cases yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t. Our beloved hospital, Faith Regional, could be in for some serious trouble. They could go from having a total of 50 beds available to admitting 50 patients every day.

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