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99% of Northeast graduates find employment or continue their education

99% of Northeast graduates find employment or continue their education

NORFOLK, Neb. – Northeast Community College graduates continue to find success by either obtaining employment in the workforce or continuing their education.

Northeast’s new Graduate Report confirms that 99% of 2019 graduates either found jobs or continued their education in the last year. Of the graduates who found employment following graduation, 88% gained occupations in their field of study. The report also indicates that 86% of the graduates remained in Nebraska to work; 61% stayed in Northeast’s 20 county service region.

Terri Heggemeyer, director of Career Services at Northeast, presented the report to the College Board of Governors Thursday during its regular monthly meeting. She said the report paints an accurate picture of last year’s graduates.

“The 99% success rate of our graduates is close to perfect. Our students are dedicated and work hard to achieve their professional goals. When students, faculty and staff collaborate, the educational experience is one that really allows our graduates to leave with a solid foundation in order to make a difference in their lives and communities,” she said.

Heggemeyer said the Career Services Office at Northeast strives to connect jobs with qualified students throughout the College’s programs and concentrations of study. Staff will email employment opportunities to relevant instructors, who then display the jobs in their classrooms, announce them to the class or email them directly to students.

“Faculty and staff serve as stewards to our students as they dedicate their talents and passion to ensure graduates attain their educational goals,” said Leah Barrett, Northeast president. “The 2019 Graduate Report articulates how our graduates are utilizing their education in the workforce. When employers see Northeast Community College on the résumé of a prospective employee, they are assured that the individual is well-prepared to do the job.”   

The Graduate Report also includes information on a study conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl., in 2018. It said that Northeast Community College contributes approximately $236.3 million to the regional economy through its graduates each year. The figure represents the higher earnings that students earned during the year, the increased output of businesses that employed Northeast students and the multiplier effects that occurred as students and their employees spent money at other businesses. EMSI reports the added income is equivalent to 4,053 jobs.

Heggemeyer and Amy Koehler, Career Services administrative assistant, were again commended by the Board of Governors for their success in achieving a 99% response rate from the 909 graduates from last year.

Steve Anderson, chairperson of the Board of Governors, said the Graduate Report serves as a report card for the institution.

“This is a document that people can go to when they speak of the value of Northeast Community College to the 20 county area. It is a tremendous report that demonstrates how we are fulfilling our mission as we look at our enrollment and our graduates and see where they are going.”  

In addition to the Graduate Report, the Northeast Community College Career Services Office offers a variety of services to prepare students for today’s workforce. This includes providing one-on-one advisement and personal attention to students as they look for employment; posts jobs daily to the Northeast on-line job board; assists with writing and completing resumes´, cover letters, and applications, and offers lifetime employment assistance to alumni, among others.

The 2019 Northeast Community College Graduate Report may be accessed online on the Northeast website at