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Northeast hosts 35th Livestock Classic

Northeast hosts 35th Livestock Classic

NORFOLK, NE – Two-hundred-seventy-seven head of livestock were shown during the 35th Annual Northeast Community College Livestock Classic held over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Michael Roeber, Northeast agriculture/livestock judging instructor and event organizer, said exhibitors from five states (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota) took part in the two-day event at the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex.

“While numbers were down nearly 125 head compared to last year due to the weather, the quality of the livestock was still exceptional,” he said.

The Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer was a Composite Charolais shown by Ethan Schwartz, Stanton. The Reserve Supreme Breeding Heifer was a Foundation Simmental shown by Kutter Prinz, West Point. Other placements include Blaire Sanley, Osceloa, Commercial (3rd place); Berren Strope, O’Neill, Chianina (4th Place); Kali Stratman, West Point, Simmental (5th Place); Jaycee Schomberg, Pierce, Foundation Simmental (6th Place); and Joe Reetz, Dunlap, IA, Shorthorn Plus (7th Place).

The Grand Champion Market Animal was a Champion Crossbred Steer shown by Makia Smith, Charter Oak, IA. Sam Nightengale, Orion, IL, showed the Reserve Champion Market Animal with a Champion Crossbred Steer. Other placements include Ansley Maronde, Imperial, with a Main Anjou (3rd Place); Kutter Prinz, West Point, Market Heifer (4th Place); Makia Smith, Charter Oak, IA, Charolais (5th Place); Ethan Schwartz, Stanton, Market Heifer (6th Place); and Ansley Maronde Imperial, Shorthorn Plus (7th Place).  

A total of 144 head were exhibited in the Breeding Heifer Show, judge by Doug Smith, Curtis.  

Champion Angus Heifer: Nicole Nichols, Chambers                                                       

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer: Ashton Hagen, Anita, IA      

Champion Charolais Heifer: Braysen Miller, Silver Creek                                                            

Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer: Devon Benes, Valparaiso

Champion Composite Charolais Heifer: Ethan Schwartz, Stanton                                                           

Reserve Champion Composite Charolais Heifer: Macy Gruhn, Manning, IA                                                        

Champion ChiAngus Heifer: Jersey Jansen, Coleridge

Champion Chianina Heifer: Berren Strope, O'Neill                                                         

Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer: Wyatt Walker, Alliance

Champion Hereford Heifer: Lex Larsen, Valentine                                                          

Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer: Fletcher Larsen, Valentine

Champion LimFlex Heifer: Brooke Wohlers, Council Bluffs, IA

Champion Maine Anjou Heifer: Landon Tibken, Wiota, IA                                                           

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Heifer: Berren Strope, O'Neill 

Champion Maintainer Heifer: Ansley Maronde, Imperial                                                 

Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer: LJ Wells, Norfolk

Champion Red Angus Heifer: Hadley Hartman, Tecumseh                                                         

Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer: Jack Ritter, Beemer                                                        


Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Delanie Erwin, Lacona, IA                                                  

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Dustin Jensen, Pierce                                                       


Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Joe Reetz, Dunlap, IA                                                

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer: McKenna Renner, North Platte                                                          


Champion Simmental Heifer: Kali Stratman, West Point                                                 

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer: Jamie Janke, Pilger                                                         


Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer: Kutter Prinz, West Point                                                          

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer: Jaycee Schomberg, Pierce                                                    


Champion Commercial Heifer: Blaire Sanley, Osceola                                                    

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer: Journee Reeson, Hoskins         


Senior Showmanship Results:                                                            

Champion: Tejlor Strope, O'Neill                                             

Reserve Champion: Abbey Vales, DeWitt                                              


Junior Showmanship Results:                                                            

Champion: Tristan Sisco, Otoe                                     

Reserve Champion: Macy Gruhn, Manning, IA                                      


Intermediate Showmanship Results:                                                              

Champion: Berren Strope, O'Neill                                           

Reserve Champion: Kolbey Bailey, Creston, IA             


Four “Peewees” also participated in showmanship.         


A total of 133 head were exhibited in the Market Show, judge by Tyler Melroe, Britton, SD.  

Champion Market Heifer: Kutter Prinz, West Point                                                                     

Reserve Champion Market Heifer: Ethan Schwartz, Stanton                                                                   


Champion Charolais Steer: Makia Smith, Charter Oak, IA                                                                      

Reserve Champion Charolais Steer: Alexis Billetter, Loomis                                                                   


Champion Chianina Steer: Kali Stratman, West Point                                                                

Reserve Champion Chianina Steer: Cassidee Stratman, West Point                                                                  


Champion Hereford Steer: Weston Stemick, Pierce                                                                    

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer: Wyatt Stemick, Pierce                                                                     


Champion Limousin Steer: Blake Hansen, Laurel                                                                       

Reserve Champion Limousin Steer: Josie Ritter, Beemer                                                                       


Champion Maine Anjou Steer: Ansley Maronde, Imperial                                                                       

Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Steer: Cade Stratman, West Point                                                                   


Champion Shorthorn Steer: Reece Oglesbee, Massona, IA                                                                    

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer: Luke Johnson, Walton                                                                   


Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer: Ansley Maronde, Imperial                                                                    

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer: Parker Freouf, Ericson                                                                       


Champion Simmental Steer: Jack Ritter, Beemer                                                                       

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer: Sawyer Minor, Bondurant, IA                                                                   


Champion Crossbred Steer: Makia Smith, Charter Oak, IA                                                                    

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer: Sam Nightingale, Orion, IL                                                                        


Senior Showmanship Results:                                                                        

Champion: Cassidee Stratman, West Point                                                       

Reserve Champion: Alexis Billetter, Loomis                                                                  


Junior Showmanship Results:                                                                        

Champion: Cade Stratman, West Point                                                 

Reserve Champion: Macy Gruhn, Manning, IA                                                  


Intermediate Showmanship Results:                                                                          

Champion: Taylin Sanley, Osceola                                                        

Reserve Champion: Jamie Janke, Pilger                                                           


Five “Peewees” also participated in showmanship.