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Sayler to serve as Northeast's regional coordinator in Hartington

Sayler to serve as Northeast's regional coordinator in Hartington

HARTINGTON, NE – A Hartington woman has been hired as the regional coordinator for Northeast Community College to serve Cedar and Knox counties. Jane Sayler succeeds Russell Flamig, who stepped down from the position earlier this year.

“When Rusty said he was moving on, I had an interest in becoming more involved with the college,” Sayler said. “I had taught some non-credit classes and knew people were interested in seeing those continue. Having an office in this region to coordinate classes really makes sense. Northeast does a good job in allowing people take these classes so close to home.”

In August 2013, the Hartington City Council agreed to provide the college office space and utilities in the Hartington City Office building, at 107 W. State Street, in an effort to enhance Northeast’s presence in Cedar and Knox counties. Sayler will be charged with identifying courses, programming and training needs in the region, facilitate student support services, and represent Northeast Community College at meetings and other events.

Sayler, a native of Harington, is a graduate of Cedar Catholic High School and the Lincoln School of Commerce. She is also a realtor with Don Peterson & Associates in Hartington and previously was manager of Burnell’s Foodtown. 

One area of interest to Sayler is to allow students in Cedar and Knox counties, who now drive to Northeast’s main campus in Norfolk or its extended campus in South Sioux City, stay closer to home to take credit classes.

“I think that could really help those students who now have to spend time on the road to get to those classes. Our hope is that we can grow some more credit offerings that can be delivered through ITV (interactive television) instruction. With today’s technology, that’s a real possibility and would allow those students more time at home rather than driving.”

Michela Keeler-Strom, dean of institutional planning and effectiveness, is also working with Sayler on other opportunities out of the Hartington office.

“We have been meeting with the Northeast Center for Enterprise regarding business and industry training opportunities in the Cedar and Knox county area. I think Jane’s background in real estate will play a big role for us in the future in establishing these contacts in providing more classes and training sessions to our constituents in that region.”

Another area that is important to Sayler is the expansion of adult education opportunities in Cedar and Knox counties.

“We are working to find a volunteer in this area who can assist with that.”

Sayler has also held meetings with several people to set up more non-credit classes and other offerings in order to serve the constituents in that portion of Northeast’s service area.

In addition to its main campus in Norfolk and the extended campus in South Sioux City, Northeast Community College also operates extended campus locations in O’Neill and West Point.

Sayler said Northeast is viewed very positively in the Cedar and Knox county region and she is proud to be associated with the college.

“I know a lot of students and their family members here. I remember one graduate who said last year, ‘Why would I go leave the area to go to college?’ This student said Northeast offered everything they needed at an affordable price. Also, from a parent’s standpoint, it’s such a plus with affordability, time, and distance from home.”