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Northeast signs partnership with Danish college

Northeast signs partnership with Danish college

NORFOLK, NE – Northeast Community College is expanding its global outreach.

Dr. Michael Chipps, president, and Henrik Toft, president of College 360 in Silkeborg, Denmark, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in order to enter into formal global student experiences between the two institutions.  

Both presidents said during a recent video conference call that the focus of all aspects of the partnership is for the benefit of the cultural and educational learning for students, faculty, and staff members at both colleges.

“Northeast students, faculty and staff have been seeing the world in a whole new way,” Chipps said. “Over the past several years, they have all had several opportunities to become globally engaged through exchanges with colleges in other countries, as well as educational travel abroad. Students have a better understanding of and appreciation for being global citizens. The partnership we are signing today with College 360 reaffirms our strategic global goals.”

Chipps said the MOU reflects one of the four goals of Northeast’s Vision 2020 strategic plan - provide for a globally competitive workforce. 

“This partnership is meaningful for the growth of our institution, students and faculty. We are intentional and strategic about our global objective in and out of the classroom.”

Toft said, “I am delighted that we can enter into this memorandum of understanding with Northeast Community College. All over Denmark, the educational system is focused on global studies, cultural exchanges, and the educational aspect of these exchanges. This starts with personal relationships and experiences and grows from there. We are pleased with this collaboration that strives for excellence and visualizes what lies ahead.”

Northeast Community College and College 360 have worked together prior to the signing of the MOU. In spring 2018, Northeast hosted 23 College 360 students and two sponsors as part of a six-week exchange. In March 2019, the institution will host another 30 College 360 business students and two sponsors during a seven-day experience where they will participate in classes and college and community-related activities.  

Bente Strange Hansen, coordinator of global exchanges at College 360, said these types of partnerships have many advantages.

“This will not only benefit the students, but also the instructors and sponsors. I hope that as we send students your way, that you benefit from having our students with you, and that our college will be able to see those benefits in the future as part of the partnership.”

Chipps said Northeast continues to work on introducing global opportunities into its programming.

“Northeast faculty are working to make ‘global competencies’ a requirement in the student’s educational journey. Embedding global in the curriculum reinforces that students will have multiple opportunities to learn and travel to places such as College 360.”

He said, “At Northeast, we are not only discussing global, but believe in it as our students and faculty become productive members of the global workforce. As we develop these partnerships, it is clear that as global citizens there are only minor differences in the people around the world. We are all basically seeking the same thing as global citizens.”




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Dr. Michael Chipps, president of Northeast Community College, (left) signs a memorandum of understanding with College 360 in Silkeborg, Denmark, during a video conference call with Henrik Toft, president of the Danish institution, recently. John Blaylock, executive vice president at Northeast, is pictured to the right.