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Northeast holds 34th Livestock Classic

Northeast holds 34th Livestock Classic

NORFOLK, NE – Four hundred head of livestock were shown during the 34th Annual Northeast Community College Livestock Classic held over the Thanksgiving Day weekend here.

Mike Roeber, Northeast agriculture/livestock judging instructor and event organizer, said exhibitors from five states (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota) took part in the two-day event at the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex.

Roeber said that despite lower attendance than last year, the exhibitors still had a strong showing.

“While the total numbers for the weekend were down nearly 50 compared to a year ago, the quality of cattle was exceptional.  I attribute the lower numbers to two things – a couple other shows in the region which have started up in the past few years and the weather forecast for snow and wind, especially to the south, which either kept some exhibitors away or had some who went home after Friday’s show to get ahead of the weather.”

The Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer was a Red Angus shown by Hadley Hartman, Tecumseh. The Reserve Supreme Breeding Heifer was a Maine Anjou shown by Ashtyn Danker, Avoca, IA. Other placements include Bradi Bohkle, Kingsley, IA, with an Angus (3rd place); Fletcher Larsen, Valentine, Simmental (4th Place); Cole Miller, Charter Oak, IA, Foundation Simmental (5th Place); Lex Larsen, Valentine, Maintainer (6th Place); and Austin Vieselmeyer, Amherst, CO, Angus (7th Place).

The Supreme Champion Market Animal was a Chianina shown by Cade Stratman, West Point. Ansley Maronde, York, showed the Reserve Champion Market Animal with a Crossbred. Other placements include Cash Pratt, Pueblo, CO, Simmental (3rd Place); Ben VonGlan, Vail, IA, Market Heifer (4th Place); Evan Friesth, Adel, IA, Charolais (5th Place); Lea Simmons, Cincinnati, IA, Hereford (6th Place); and Kinser Gallagher, Bondurant, IA, Maine Anjou (7th Place).  

A total of 214 head were exhibited in the Breeding Heifer Show, judge by Scott Schaake, Westmoreland, KS.  

Champion Angus Heifer: Bradi Bohkle, Kingsley, IA
Reserve Champion Angus Heifer: Austin Vieselmeyer, Amherst, CO                                                                                                                                                                                            (Over)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Champion Charolais Heifer: Taylor Heim, Plattsmouth
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer: Katie Utecht, Newcastle  

Champion Composite Charolais Heifer: Hunter Borg, Allen
Reserve Champion Composite Charolais Heifer: Jeht Stateler, Hoskins                     

Champion ChiAngus Heifer: Dalton Smith, Charter Oak, IA
Reserve Champion ChiAngus Heifer:
Colton Anderson, Boone, IA                  

Champion Chianina Heifer: Jade Beeson, Anthon, IA
Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer:
Hayden VanMeter, Red Oak, IA

Champion Balancer Heifer: Annalee Starr, Stapleton

Reserve Champion Balancer Heifer: Alexx Starr, Stapleton                             

Champion Hereford Heifer: Lex Larsen, Valentine
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer: Keeley Russman, St. Paul

Champion LimFlex Heifer: Kolbryn Clason, Beaver City
Reserve Champion LimFlex Heifer: Bailee McCollom, Colo, IA            

Champion Maine Anjou Heifer: Ashtyn Danker, Avoca, IA
Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Heifer: Claire Ohlrichs, Merrill, IA                 

Champion Maintainer Heifer: Lex Larsen, Valentine
Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer:
Tejlor Strope, O’Neill                                        

Champion Red Angus Heifer: Hadley Hartman, Tecumseh

Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer: Brant Benes, Albion

Champion Saler Heifer: Lauren Frederick, Sterling, KS                        

Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Dylan Russman, Pender
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer: Jaycee Schomberg, Pierce                   

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Joe Reetz, Charter Oak, IA
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Byanka Wood, McCook

Champion Simmental Heifer: Fletcher Larsen, Valentine
Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer: Cash Pratt, Pueblo, CO                                   

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer: Cole Miller, Charter Oak, IA
Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer: Nicole Nichols, Chambers                                    

Champion Commercial Heifer: Hadley Hartman, Tecumseh
Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer: Berren Strope, O’Neill

Champion Senior Showman:  Fletcher Larsen, Valentine
Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Cassidee Stratman, West Point

Champion Intermediate Showman: Wryder Svoboda, Burwell
Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Klaira Rasmussen, Elba

Champion Junior Showman: Kyah Bruhn, Stanton
Reserve Champion Junior Showman:
Macy Gruhn, Manning, IA        

Fourteen “peewees” also participated in showmanship.

One-hundred eight-six head were exhibited in the market show, judged by Matt Morrison, Cheyenne, WY.

Champion Market Heifer: Ben VonGlan, Vail, IA
Reserve Champion Market Heifer:
Blaire Sanley, Osceola

Champion Angus Steer: Ashton Hagen, Anita, IA

Reserve Champion Angus Steer: Reece Jones, Sumner

Champion Charolais Steer: Evan Friesth, Adel, IA
Reserve Champion Charolais Steer:
Dalton Wagner, Albion

Champion Chianina Steer: Cade Stratman, West Point
Reserve Champion Chianina Steer:
Ty Groth, Monroe

Champion Hereford Steer: Lea Simmons, Cincinnati, IA
Reserve Champion Hereford Steer: Kade Hogan, Sutherland

Champion Limousin Steer: Troy Condon, Palmer, IA

Champion Maine Anjou Steer: Kinser Gallagher, Bondurant, IA
Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Steer:
Taylin Sanley, Osceola

Champion Shorthorn Steer: Rilyn Schledewitz, Oconto
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer:
Levi Belina, Clarkson

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer: Dalton Smith, Charter Oak, IA
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer:
Emilye Vales, DeWitt

Champion Simmental Steer: Cash Pratt, Pueblo, CO
Reserve Champion Simmental Steer:
TJ Rice, Johnstown, CO

Champion Crossbred Steer: Ansley Maronde, York
Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer
: Madline Huwaldt, Osmond

Champion Senior Showman: Emilye Vales, DeWitt
Reserve Champion Senior Showman:
Alex Vieselmeyer, Amherst, CO

Champion Intermediate Showman: Gage Schledewitz, Oconto
Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman:
Sydney Huckfeldt, Gering

Champion Junior Showman: Cade Stratman, West Point
Reserve Champion Junior Showman:
Kinser Gallagher, Bondurant, IA

Eleven “peewees” participated in showmanship.