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Staying safe and sober during the holidays

Staying safe and sober during the holidays

NORFOLK – Northeast Community College is encouraging everyone to know their limits during the holidays. Students in Stefanie Mundil’s Advanced Personal Training course went across the Norfolk campus recently to present information on the dangers of getting behind the wheel and consuming alcohol.

“The handouts included statistical information in regard to intoxicated driving and the number of deaths on Nebraska roads due to impaired driving. The students also included information on how we can prevent drunk driving.”

Students also handed out “Smarties” candy, to help remind people to be “smart” and drive sober.

Mundil said the intent of the campaign is to make individuals aware that there is a societal problem with impaired driving, especially during the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day).

“This timeframe is historically when many people are getting together with family for holiday events, work parties, or reuniting with friends where alcohol is included. We are working to help create a culture that encourages people to not get behind the wheel after they have consumed alcohol, and instead encourage, and in fact, expect others to step forward and serve as designated drivers by abstaining from alcohol at these functions.”




Daniel Isaza (right), a student in an Advanced Personal Training course at Northeast Community College, presents information on the dangers of impaired driving to students on the Norfolk campus. Pictured (l-r) are Gabriela Motta, Lagrezio Melo, and Wakisa Mtika.