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Student Expenses

Although expenses vary greatly depending on your individual situation, program of study, and spending habits, the following budgets give estimated costs for two semesters (30 credit hours). These estimates are used only to award aid and include the average number of credits taken by our students in an academic year. Cost of attendance budgets are prorated each semester based upon financial aid enrollment status.

2021-2022 Living On Campus Living Off Campus Living With Parents
Tuition & Fees $3,750 $3,750 $3,750
Loan Fees $20 $20 $20
Room & Board $9,435 $7,836 $2,624
Books & Supplies $1,316 $1,316 $1,316
Travel $542 $1,344 $1,344
Miscellaneous $900 $950 $900
Total: $15,963 $15,216 $9,954

Tuition and fees are adjusted for non-resident students and residents of Iowa and South Dakota.

Your budget may be increased due to required tool costs, additional travel, childcare costs, books, room and board, and personal expenses are estimates; actual costs vary for each student.

Paying Your Bill

All costs are paid a semester at a time. The Student Accounts & Cashier does not mail account statements. You will need to review your statement of account on your My Northeast account. Students approved for financial aid will see authorized aid on their Account Detail for Term section on their My Northeast account. If the authorized aid equals or exceeds tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board charges, you will not be required to make a payment at that time. If tuition, fees, and room and board charges exceed the amount of any authorized aid, the balance is due immediately and payable no later than the first day of the semester. Balances may be paid online on My Northeast or by check and/or credit card.

You are liable for the full semester's tuition and fees.  If you officially withdraw from a class or classes sometime during the first four weeks of the semester, a percentage of the tuition paid will be refunded.  Students on financial aid who withdraw or quit attending prior to completing 60% of the term will be required to return a portion of the aid they received to federal sources.  (See "Return of Title IV Financial Aid Funds")  If leaving college, you must officially withdraw by completing a withdrawal form provided by the Registrar's Office. Student Accounts & Cashier Refund Policy

Need help or additional information?

Email the Financial Aid Office at or call (402) 844-7285.