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Horticulture and Golf Course Management


The general horticulture diploma is intended to train students to work in portions of the horticulture industry that do not require a full degree. This diploma can be used as a "stepping stone" for students who need to take a non-traditional approach to their career goals. The general horticulture courses help students develop a basic understanding of the science surrounding plants and their environment.

You can earn a Horticulture and Golf Course management diploma.
Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 31-32 Credit Hours.


Recommended Core Courses


28-29 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
AGRI 1030 Introduction to Soil Science 3
AGRI 1040 Introduction to Soil Science Lab 1
ENGL 1050 Workplace Communication 3
HORT 1010 Horticulture Science 4
HORT 1025 Residential Turf Management 3
HORT 1050 Commercial Turf Management 3
HORT 1060 Commercial Turf Management Lab 1
HORT 1070 Plant Propagation 2
HORT 1080 Plant Propagation Lab 1
HORT 1090 Integrated Pest Management 2
HORT 2080 Woody Plant Identification 3
MATH 1020 Technical Mathematics I 3

Suggested Elective Courses


2-3 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
HORT 2000 Landscape History and Use 3
HORT 2020 Nursery and Greenhouse Management 4
HORT 2045 Landscape Management 3
HORT 2055 Landscape Design 3
HORT 2060 Sports Turf Management 3
HORT 2070 Sports Turf Management Lab 1
HORT 2090 Herbaceous Plant Identification 3
HORT 2105 Golf Course Management 3
HORT 2140 Hydroponic Growing Systems 2
HORT 2150 Annual Flower Identification, Production and Care 2
HORT 2160 Vegetable Gardening and Farm Production 3
HORT 2165 Value-Added Diversified Marketing 3

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