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Health Information Management Systems


The coding courses prepare students for a national coding exam through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The courses for the diploma are embedded in the Health Information Management Systems Associate of Applied Science Degree. Once the student has completed the diploma, they can continue classes in the HIMS program toward the Associate of Applied Science degree. Students in the HIMS Program will be required to have a ‘C’ grade or better in the HIMS coursework.
Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 39 Credit Hours.


Recommended Core Courses


39 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BSAD 1005 Investing in Strengths 1
BSAD 2050 Business Communications 3
HIMS 1000 Introduction to Health Information Management 2
HIMS 1025 Medical Office Procedures 2
HIMS 1110 Coding I and Lab 4
HIMS 1120 Legal and Compliance Aspects in Health Information Management 3
HIMS 1140 Pathopharmacology 3
HIMS 1150 Professional Practice Experience 2
HIMS 1220 Structure and Function of the Human Body 3
HIMS 2000 Medical Billing and Reimbursement 3
HIMS 2020 Coding II and Lab 4
HIMS 2030 Health Information Management Applications 3
HLTH 1060 Comprehensive Medical Terminology 3
OFFT 1500 Microsoft Office 3

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