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Automotive Technology


You can earn an automotive technology diploma.
Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 38.5 Credit Hours.


Recommended Core Courses


38.5 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
AUTT 1010 Suspension, Steering, and Brake Systems Theory 2.5
AUTT 1015 Suspension Steering and Brake Systems Lab 3.5
AUTT 1110 Electrical Systems Theory 2.5
AUTT 1125 Electrical Systems Lab 3.5
AUTT 1210 Electrical Tune-Up and Fuel Systems Theory 2.5
AUTT 1225 Electrical Tune Up and Fuel Systems Lab 3.5
AUTT 1300 Cooperative Internship I 6
AUTT 1310 Automotive Electronics Theory 2.5
AUTT 1325 Automotive Electronics Lab 3.5
CAPL 1290 Introduction to Job Search and Employment 1
ENGL 1050 Workplace Communication 3
MATH 1020 Technical Mathematics I 3
WELD 1010 Related Welding 0.5
WELD 1020 Related Welding Lab 1

Required Tools/Supplies*
*Tools, Supplies, and Special Requirements

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