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Zentangle Watercolor

Fun and Recreation

In art, contrast is key. Opposing forces create interest, and, so often, beauty. The juxtaposition of intricate, detailed designs of controlled black lines and shapes, called zentangle, with the free flow of watercolor brushstrokes epitomizes the design principle of contrast. In this class, we will use the wet-on-wet watercolor technique to lay down a vibrant, loose foundation of blended color on top of which we will compose controlled patterns of clean black lines, dots, and shapes. A great class for any age, and a fun night of artistic play! No two pieces will ever be the same--and perhaps you won't be either!

Upcoming Classes

Course Date Time Day(s) Location Instructor Cost
ARTS 5163
2/17/2022 6:00 PM 9:00 PM ---R--- O'Neill
Ranell Otte $35.00

Classes are being added all the time. Check back soon for more classes!