Irrigation Training

Customized Training

If you are new to the irrigation industry or just now taking the opportunity to brush up your skills, the Center for Enterprise can provide training on a number of topics related to irrigation. From soil science to basic electricity and troubleshooting, the Center for Enterprise can tailor a program to fit your company’s needs.


Basic Electricity

Fundamental electrical theory including electrical components and their affects on AC and DC circuit analysis using Ohm's law, circuit testing equipment and the use of each instrument.

Basic Irrigation System Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

This course will teach participants how to use a meter to trouble shoot, replacement of the booster pump motor, verification of the direction of rotation, how to verify that the power disconnected, maintenance and electrical safety, use of the irrigation lab models for hands-on demonstrations and when a licensed electrician is needed.

Electrical Trouble Shooting in Irrigation

This course will introduce students to common electrical challenges presented by irrigation systems. Students will learn to identify problems and solutions.

Hydraulic Components and Irrigation Pump Applications

Study the design and analyze pump classes and types, selection, and application. Includes pump curves, system curves, suction characteristics, piping systems and pumping-system economics.

Introduction to Soil Science

Study of evaluation of cultural practices, varieties, plant growth and development, planting rates, pets, and diseases, fertility and weather influences throughout the growing season.

Irrigation and Equipment

Introduction to the management of irrigation systems. Includes water requirements, water resources, application methods, types and selection of irrigation equipment, application time and rates, irrigation well principles and operation, water rights and legal aspects, costs and returns.

Irrigation in Nebraska Seminar

This course will introduce students to the variety of irrigation manufacturing and management in Nebraska. Students will be required to complete a two-day bus tour with an overnight stay to visit irrigation manufacturers and agriculture production irrigation systems throughout Nebraska.

Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance

This course will introduce students to the processes and procedures to install and maintain irrigation systems in agriculture including center pivot and drip irrigation. The continued maintenance and upkeep of irrigation systems in agriculture will also be examined.

National Electrical I for Irrigation Technology

This course presents an overview of the National Electric Code sections that apply to irrigation systems.

Customized Training to Fit Your Needs

Northeast Community College can customize training to meet your business or organization's needs. Training can be held at one of Northeast's facilities or yours and will be arranged to fit your schedule to include various shifts if necessary.

Please contact one of our staff members for more information about customized training:

Tracy Melcher – Account Executive
(402) 844-7235
Jim McCarville – Account Executive
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