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Technology and Computer Applications Training

Customized Training

Computing and technology is everywhere. Knowing how to utilize current software packages and understanding the technology available is important to small and large businesses alike. The Center for Enterprise offers a number of courses that will help you stay competent and competitive in a number of software packages including the Microsoft Office Suite as well as a variety of others.


Microsoft Excel - Formulas and Functions

Need to perform calculations on data in an Excel spreadsheet? Learn how to create formulas and let Excel do the calculations for you. Then learn how to use functions (prewritten formulas) to shorten and simplify formulas. After this session, you’ll be able to use formulas and functions to perform simple or complex calculations on a single worksheet or across multiple worksheets, combine multiple columns of data into a single column, and effectively utilize the five most common functions.

Microsoft Excel, Level 1

Learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets to create and save workbooks, format text and numbers, select ranges, and move or copy data. Learn how to use formulas and basic functions, explore printing options for worksheets, and how to insert pictures. Saving worksheets as PDF files, formatting rows and columns will also be covered.

Microsoft Excel, Level 2

This course is designed for the intermediate Excel user. Topics to be discussed include working with large worksheets, adding graphics to worksheets, using templates, protecting workbooks, linking cells, and creating tables and outlines.

Microsoft Excel, Level 3

This course is designed for the advanced Microsoft Excel user who is seeking additional knowledge. Topics to be discussed include pivot tables, macros, and advanced formulas. Learn to customize reporting to meet your business needs. Advanced formulas will focus in the areas of financial functions that will benefit all Excel users.

Microsoft Outlook, Level 1

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Outlook. Students will create email accounts and send email messages using several techniques. They will also learn how to manage email messages, contacts, tasks, and meeting requests. Finally students will customize Outlook for maximum efficiency.

Microsoft PowerPoint, Level 1

Create impressive presentations with this beginners PowerPoint course. Explore how to integrate transitions, animations, sound and charts. Create outlines, notes or audience handouts quickly and easily.

Microsoft PowerPoint, Level 2

Go beyond using the everyday templates in PowerPoint and learn to create presentations that will “WOW” co-workers and clients. Discover the more advanced presentation skills: tables, slideshow timings, adding video and movies, creating agendas, and using themes.

Microsoft Word - Using Mail Merge, Tables, and Electronic Forms

This workshop will provide skills for organizing and presenting information in a variety of formats using MS Word. Learn to use the mail merge feature to produce letters, mailing labels, envelopes, name tags, and other documents from information stored in a list, database, or spreadsheet. Learn how to summarize and present numerical data to text information in rows and columns using tables. Finally, are you looking for a way to collect and organize information from others? Learn to create forms that others can fill out electronically, including check boxes, text boxes, date pickers, and drop-down lists.

Microsoft Word, Level 1

Learn the essentials of Microsoft Word and word processing. Create, navigate and save documents, apply character and paragraph formatting, insert symbols, and create headers and footers. Find out how to check spelling and grammar, add page breaks, work with document views, and learn how to print and convert documents to PDF. Adding graphics and clip art will also be covered.

Microsoft Word, Level 2

Increase the complexity of Microsoft Word documents by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. Focus will also be on inserting clip art, applying themes, working with views, formatting text, setting margins, using bullets, paragraph spacing, and borders and shading.

Microsoft Word, Level 3

Learn how to collaborate in Word using features such as tracking changes, using AutoSave and AutoRecover, and sharing files via email. Learn to secure content and control document access in by applying formatting restrictions, applying formatting exceptions and setting document passwords. Discover how to personalize Word and work with Macros. Lastly, explore the opportunities to integrate Word with other applications such as Excel, PowerPoint and the Web.

QuickBooks, Level 1

This course is an introduction to Quickbooks. Its main objectives are to introduce you to the basic features in QuickBooks and to give you an opportunity for hands-on practice. You’ll learn about the types of information you need to track in your business or on the job, and you’ll see how to enter that information and track it in QuickBooks. By the time you complete this course, you’ll have a good idea of all that Quickbooks offers, you’ll be familiar with the most common tasks, and you’ll know where to find information about more advanced features.

QuickBooks, Level 2

Students will be introduced to the advanced features of QuickBooks. Topics include dealing with inventory, collecting and paying sales tax, payroll, customization of forms, and year-end documents. This class is recommended for students with a basic understanding of QuickBooks, and/or those who have attended QuickBooks, Level 1.

Customized Training to Fit Your Needs

Northeast Community College can customize training to meet your business or organization's needs. Training can be held at one of Northeast's facilities or yours and will be arranged to fit your schedule to include various shifts if necessary.

Please contact one of our staff members for more information about customized training:

Tracy Melcher – Account Executive
(402) 844-7235
Jim McCarville – Account Executive
(402) 844-7238