Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

Connect your laptop, iPad, or other device
on Northeast's wireless network.

The wireless networks on campus support most wireless devices (802.11 a/g/n) and are available to all registered students, guests and faculty/staff members.

How do I get connected to the wireless network?

Instructions for connecting to the network are based on your operating system

What is the campus wireless network name?

Two wireless network names (SSIDs) are currently available on campus:

  • NECC-WLAN: Campus Community Wireless
  • Northeast Guest: Invited Guest Wireless

I am a guest to the college, can I use the wireless too?

Invited Guests to campus can register for an account and setup their device. Guest WiFi Instructions

What operating systems are supported by the wireless network?

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows 7
  • OS/X
  • iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Android Phone

Can I use Napster, Gnutella, KaZaA, or any other peer-to-peer filesharing software?

Use of any software on the wireless network is governed by our Acceptable Use Procedures.

Is my wireless device secure?

We do not use any type of encryption software on our wireless network. Please review these suggested safety procedures to use while accessing a wireless hot spot.

Are there restrictions to using the wireless network?

Yes. You must be a current registered student, invited guest, or faculty/staff member to use the wireless network.

What protocols does the wireless network support?

802.11n is available only in select locations (College of Nursing)

What are the risks of using wireless?

Wireless connections are inherently less secure than wired connections. If you are not using a secure network or a VPN, your traffic may be easily intercepted.

Why should I use the Community wireless network instead of Invited Guest?

Community Wireless is for current students. Invited Guest is for presenters and other guests that have been asked to come to campus for a special occasion.

Who do I contact for Support?

Anyone can contact the Service Center at 402.844.HELP or through email at help@northeast.edu for technical support in connecting to our wireless networks.

Need help or additional information?

If you need assistance or additional information please contact:

Northeast Service Center

Phone: (402) 844-4357
Toll-Free: (800) 348-9033, Ext. 4357