Testing Center

Proctoring Exams for Other Institutions

ThankThank you for your interest in using Northeast’s Testing Center to have your exam proctored. The Testing Center staff is pleased to serve you and help you achieve your academic goals.

Photo identification is required for all testing at this facility.
Acceptable forms of photo identification include:

  • A valid government-issued driver’s license
  • Federal, state, or country identification card
  • Passport, passport card, alien registration card
  • Current issued school photo ID

There is a proctoring fee of $25.00 per hour to have your exam administered in the Testing Center. All fees are due at time of testing. Cash, checks, money orders, credit or debit cards are accepted (Checks and money orders, make payable to Northeast Community College.)

Here is a basic guide to help schedule an exam at Northeast:

  1. To schedule a distance learning testing appointment, please contact the Northeast Testing Center, by phone, 402-844-7281 or email, testing@northeast.edu, or visit our office located in the College Welcome Center, Room 1252.
  2. Contact the professor, institution, or organization responsible for the exam and let them know you wish to schedule your exam at Northeast.
  3. Request a Proctor Agreement from the originating institution.
  4. Testing staff will complete the proctor's agreement.
  5. Testing staff or you will fax or email the signed agreement to the originating organization, institution, or professor.
  6. Request proctor/student instructions and exam by emailing testing@northeast.edu or fax 402-844-7411

Testing Center Guidelines:

  • Schedule an appointment for the exam. (Space is limited)
  • Tester Must:
    Complete a sign-in sheet.
    Present a current photo ID
  • All personal items will be securely stored
    Cell phones, pagers, any other electronic devices, hats, caps, scarves, coats, watches, and jewelry more than ¼ inch
  • May not leave the Testing Center without permission of the Testing Staff once testing has begun.
  • Food (including gum) and drink are not permitted in the Testing Center and/or testing rooms unless otherwise permitted.
  • Students may not access their personal belongings without permission once testing has begun.
  • If the student takes break during testing, the students may not access their cell phone or any other electronic devices.
  • No children allowed in the Testing Center.
  • No visitors are allowed in the Testing Center.