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In order to best ensure your success, we have a Mandatory Placement policy that requires students who score below minimum levels in reading, writing and/or math to take transitional coursework to develop their academic skills prior to enrollment into certain courses. For additional information or guidance regarding the mandatory placement guidelines, contact Advising.

You may add any of these classes to your schedule with the assistance of your academic advisor or by registering online.

Mandatory Placement Coursework

Intro to College Writing ENGL 1000

This course introduces academic writing with an emphasis on the writing process, including organizational techniques and development of written assignments for specific audiences and purposes. Prerequisite: Appropriate reading placement score or ENGL 0910 or 0920 with and "A" grade and appropriate writing score or ENGL 0930 or 0935 with an "A" grade.

Other Support Coursework

Career Planning CAPL 1150

Provides assistance in making career decisions through interest and aptitude testing. Explores occupations via research and on-site explorations. Includes identification of goals and steps necessary to achieve goals.

Learning Skills for Success LNSK 1100

Learning Skills for Success is a two-credit hour course offered online. This class is designed to help NECC students acquire skills and attitudes that promote success in the classroom and in life. Students will be taught to more effectively learn from textbooks and lectures, manage time, prepare for and take tests successfully, access college resources, establish and work toward goals, and manage conflict.

Library Orientation LIBR 1310

Library Orientation is a one-credit hour class offered online. The course emphasizes locating and using the automated card catalog, online databases, and reference materials.

Coursework below the 1000 level is not currently offered online.

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