Disability Services

Request Services and Accommodations

Once a student with a disability has completed an application to Northeast, the student is encouraged to register with Disability Services (DS) by following the steps listed below. Once eligibility is established and the student completes the registration process, a determination of appropriate academic adjustments and auxiliary aids is completed to ensure equal access to Northeast programs of study, services and activities. This process is adapted in response to individual circumstances.

Application/Intake Appointment:

Submit an application. Applications are available from the DS office or are completed complete with the Disability Services Advisor or designee during the intake appointment. A disability services staff person will have a conversation with the student about his or her disability and requested accommodations. During the conversation, the student will discuss the impact the disability may have on completing his or her education or accessing course material, facilities, activities and services. Note: A diagnosis of a disability does not automatically qualify a student for accommodations under the ADA.

The DS application is separate from the admissions application and should be turned in directly to the Disability Services office.


The student gathers documentation (such as: medical records, educational records, mental health records, etc...) to provide information regarding his/her disability(ies) and submits it to DS. Students can sign a release to allow DS staff to obtain their records if they do not have a copy. Students are responsible for providing current documentation of disability and paying the costs associated with diagnosis, evaluation, or testing if they cannot provide documentation of a disability.

Documentation is kept confidential. Documentation from a third party is not released.

Needs Assessment:

Once documentation is received, and the student has had a conversation with a Disability Services Advisor, the Director of Disability Services will review all information and complete a needs assessment and justification for accommodations.

Appointment to determine appropriate accommodations:

The student meets with the DDS to review information shared during the intake conversation and the documentation to discuss appropriate accommodations. The DDS and the student together develop a plan for accommodations and services that aligns with the student's documentation, requestsed accommodations, course requirements and relevant laws.

Letters of Accommodation (LOA):

LOAs are completed listing appropriate accommodations, auxiliary aids and services. The LOA typically does not disclose the nature of a student’s disability. Once the student is registered and ready to start attending classes, he or she meets with Disability Services Staff to review accommodations and obtains LOA for each course. The student meets with instructors for each course to discuss the content of the LOA. The instructor will sign the LOA and the student will return the LOA to DS. Instructors are not required to provide accommodations to students unless they have received an official DS LOA. Instructors should not ask nor should a student feel a need to discuss his or her disability with the instructor.

The Director of Disability Services is available to work with students and faculty if there are any difficulties implementing the accommodation plan.

Adjustments to this process are made for students taking classes online and at the extended campus sites. Typically, the LOA will be sent to instructor via email and the student will then communicate with the instructor by phone or in person regarding the accommodations. Students with disabilities are responsible for contacting DDS if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in a timely way or are not effective.

Students must meet the academic standards expected of all students.

Each semester students must: request accommodations and review their effectiveness, evaluate DS, pick up LOAs, present the letters to his/her instructors and have a discussion regarding the student’s accommodations.

The Student may contact his/her Disability Services Primary Contact if they have any questions or concerns at any point during the semester.

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Need help or additional information?

If you need assistance or more information, please contact:

Director of Disability Services

Phone: (402) 844-7343
Toll-Free: (800) 348-9033, Ext. 7343
Fax: (402) 844-7412
Office: CWC 1263