Counseling Services


Effective counseling requires an atmosphere of privacy and mutual trust. We feel it is important to discuss these issues of privacy and confidentiality at the outset of counseling so that there are no misunderstandings regarding them and so that you know what to expect from us. If you have any questions regarding any of this, your counselor will be glad to discuss them with you and answer them to the best of his or her ability.

In accord with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines established for providers by the National board for Certified Counselors and the National Association of Social Workers, Northeast Community College - Counseling Services maintains records of all counseling services. All Counseling records are kept separate from other records and are accessible only to the Admissions and Student Services staff. Information regarding your involvement in Counseling Services is released to outside agencies only with your written permission and only to specific and clearly identified individuals or in the event of a court order.

Limits of Confidentiality

In some situations, your written and signed authorization is required before information concerning your care can be disclosed to individuals, including parents, roommates, friends, faculty and partners. Below are some of the cases in which the law dictates that your signed authorization may not be required in order to release information:

  • If a counseling staff person believe that you are likely to harm yourself and/or another person, he or she may take action necessary to protect you or others by contacting law enforcement officers or a physician.
  • If a counseling staff person has cause to believe that a child has been or may be abused or neglected, the clinician is required to make a report to the appropriate state agency.
  • If a clinician has cause to believe that an elderly or disabled person has been or may be abused, neglected, or subject to financial exploitation, the clinician is required to make a report to the appropriate state agency.
  • If your records are requested by a valid subpoena or court order, we must respond.