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Faculty-led Travel Opportunity - 2017

Come explore the world of perhaps the greatest playwright who ever lived! Spend a semester reading Shakespeare’s plays, learn about his world, and then let’s experience it in person!

Visit Stratford-Upon-Avon, where you will actually be a student at the renowned Shakespeare Institute, with access to guest lecturers, behind-the-scenes presentations of plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and rare manuscripts not normally available for public viewing. Attend plays at the famous Globe Theatre in London. Visit Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey. And see where many lost their heads at the Tower of London, a landmark that features prominently in several of Shakespeare’s plays.

Head north to Leicester to see the new burial site of the famous – or perhaps, infamous – King Richard III, and then head to Lancashire County to visit the stately Rufford Hall, where Shakespeare may have performed during his Lost Years.

We're the right choice for your education.
We're the right choice for your education.

Faculty-led Travel Opportunity - 2012

England was Northeast’s first destination for study abroad, as 17 students spent two weeks exploring the country in May 2012. Since then, Northeast students, particularly those in the applied technology programs, have visited England as well as welcomed English students to Northeast through a partner program with North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe, England.

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