The Billing Process

How will I be billed?

You will receive an e-mail notification to view your account via My Northeast. Students may call the office of Accounts Receivable Services to request a printed bill be mailed; however, we strongly encourage students and their families to utilize My Northeast and print their own bills in order to greatly reduce postage and printing costs.

If someone else is expected to pay a student’s bill, the student should advise that person of these instructions. The student, not the person or organization paying the bill, will be held responsible for delinquent payments.

Need More Information?  Accessing Your Bill in My Northeast.

How often is my bill updated?

The information on My Northeast is the most current version of your balance.

When is my bill due?

All balances are due the first day of the term. Any charges that incur after the first day are due immediately. This includes second eight week classes.

When will I be billed?

You will receive an e-mail two weeks prior to the start of a term. For delinquent accounts, an additional email notification is sent each month after the term has begun.

More Billing Information

Billing Notification

Failure to receive an email notification or bill is not an acceptable excuse for not meeting a payment deadline. If you do not receive an email or bill, but were expecting one, you should call Accounts Receivable Services at 402-844-7001.


If your Account Balance is not paid in full after the first day of the term, your account is considered delinquent and Northeast has placed a HOLD on your records. Future registrations and official transcripts will not be processed until your account is paid in full.

Late Fees

There is a $50 late payment fee assessed to your account each month an account is delinquent.


For any unpaid housing charges, the eviction process will begin immediately.

Meal Plans

For any unpaid meal plan charges, students will not be able to access meal plans unless paid in full.

Third Party Billing

If part or all of your educational expenses are being paid by an embassy, agency or company, you may elect to have them billed directly through our Third Party Billing process. Northeast requires written authorization from the sponsor. Please have your sponsor use the form provided below if possible. You must also complete the information release form below.

Upon receipt of a complete billing authorization and information release form, your student account will have a credit posted for the amount authorized and Northeast will discontinue billing you for that amount. Your sponsor will be billed directly on your behalf. If the sponsor does not pay in a timely manner, the credit will be removed from your account and you will be responsible for this sum again.

CAUTION: It is your responsibility to continue to review your monthly billing statements for accuracy and for any amount due even when you have a sponsor.

Third Party Billing Authorization Form

Third Party Billing Information Release Form

Need help or additional information?

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