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The Library Ladies (both lovely and lively) have another reason you should use the completely cool databases available through the library website.

Not only do these databases provide you with credible, accurate, and timely information, but they will also tell you exactly how to cite the articles you find. Is that not a wonderful aid when preparing a bibliography for your papers and reports? Did we not promise completely cool?

Citation information is just a click away when you click the "easy button" in the databases listed below:

  • Biographies Plus Illustrated Click on Exporting/Citing for APA and MLA
  • CQ Researcher Click on Cite Now for APA and MLA
  • eLibrary Click on Citation for MLA
  • Expanded Academic Click on Citation Tools for APA and MLA
  • Click on Print/Citation for APA and MLA
  • Omni File Full Text Select Click on Print/Citation for APA and MLA
  • Opposing Viewpoints Click on How to Cite for MLA

No matter the question...The answer is the library.

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