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by marylouise  5/9/2009 3:00:29 PM -- 

Are you tired of standing in lines, waiting to have your questions answered or your number to be called? The library wants to help you beat the rush when it comes to checking out books and other materials.

Stop in the library at your convenience and register as a "library user." Our simple, easy-to-read form requires just a little information including your Student ID number, address, telephone and email address. If you've filled out a library registration form in the past year, you're good to go. Just let us know if you've made any changes to your address, phone number, etc. next time you're checking out materials.

While you're in the library, take a look at our new and improved (and, yes, much faster) computers. You're welcome to use them to do research, write up reports, check your email or just surf the Net. This is just one of the advantages of being a genuine "library user" (which, of course, is the only kind of "user" that is legal in Nebraska).

Your Library Don't do College Without It.

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