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Did you know that your ever helpful friends, the "super" library ladies will do just about anything to find the books or articles you need.

The library ladies may not wear tights as Superman does, but they perpetually leap tall buildings and stop speeding locomotives just to get you the library materials you need on time. The Northeast Library is a member of several library networks, including OCLC, who share almost every conceivable print and other library resources. If Northeast does not have what you need, the library ladies can order it on their secret, coded computer and your book or article will be winging its way to Norfolk posthaste. So you may ask, "How much is such ‘super' service?" Whatever you request, the charge is only $1 per item.

The next question would obviously be. "So what do I do I need to provide those wonderful library ladies to get such super service?" It really depends on your needs: Books: title and author; Journal article: title of the article, name of the journal, publication date, and page numbers. If you can provide that information, the library ladies will then energize the magical LLN (Library Lady Network) and obtain your materials. Because materials are being shipped via the mail, please allow a few days for the materials to be delivered. You'll be contacted when the materials arrive at Northeast and your ever-faithful NELL's (Northeast Library Ladies) will notify you when you need to return the materials to the Library.

Your Library Don't do College Without It.

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