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All the library ladies know that our Northeast students are well on their way to fame and fortune. Whether you're planning to be a world famous zoologist and television personality like Steve Irwin or a billionaire computer geek like Bill Gates, you might like to learn about the rich and famous and how they became both rich and famous.

Biographies Plus Illustrated is a great database which contains over 111,000 in-depth profiles of newsmakers and fancy folk from a wide variety of fields. Using Biographies Plus Illustrated, you can search for biographies of a specific person or search by specific data elements such as date of birth, gender or profession. Using the profession/activity menu search for example, you could find biographies of famous accountants or (believe it or not) biographies of 306(!) famous librarians. Although wonderful, the Northeast library ladies aren't included in the database yet, but we hope that someday our names will be there...right next to yours.

Don't forget that if you want to use Biographies Plus Illustrated when you're not on a campus computer, you'll need to locate the password by logging into Hawknet just like you do to check for grades or register for a class. Look for the "database password" link under Library Resources.

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