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NORFOLK, NE – Oftentimes when the word ‘leader’ is mentioned, heads of state, corporate CEOs and even entertainers may come to mind. But a group of Northeast Community College students consider their parents, siblings, and high school teammates among those that they view as having influence in their lives.

The students, members of the Northeast softball team, shared their thoughts recently with Dr. Michael Chipps, college president, after Coach Iris Woodhead asked him to speak to her team on leadership qualities.

Instead of speaking to the student-athletes, Chipps sat down with them and turned it into a round table discussion.

“One of the reasons we expanded sports (at Northeast) is to give you, as student-athletes, more opportunities to develop multiple skill sets while you are at the College,” he said. “I can see that you will continue to develop natural leadership traits while you’re in school here.”

One player said her mother was her example of a leader by the way she maintains order, motivates others and sets an example for her household.

Chipps called those “textbook” leadership traits, the same qualities Northeast looks for in its employees.

He said, “At Northeast, we look for people who value others. Just like a coach, there may be times when they may be tough on you, but the issue is they value you and they respect you and have high expectations of you.”

Chipps said choosing role models is extremely important, whether its peers, friends or adults, in a young person’s life. He said Woodhead fits the good role model concept.

“When you look at all of the value statements regarding leadership, Iris emulates many of those.”

The composite of great leadership is complex. Chipps said that is reflected in the fact that many leaders are not always as they appear.

“Who really emerges in combat as a leader? Oftentimes they find that in true combat it’s not always the captain or a lieutenant who steps up. In true combat, it’s the person you would least suspect who becomes a leader…someone who will rise up within the unit.”

He concluded his conversation with the student-athletes, “So what type of leader are you?”


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Dr. Michael Chipps, president of Northeast Community College, speaks with members of the College’s softball team on leadership qualities. Chipps was asked to speak to the student-athletes by their coach, Iris Woodhead (seated to Chipps’ left).

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