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NORFOLK – Sixty-five associate degree nursing and practical nursing students received their nursing pins during a special ceremony recently at Northeast Community College in Norfolk. During the ceremony, the graduating nursing students received their pin from family members or a close friend who has helped them along their journey.

“Nursing school requires much dedication, long hours of studying, tedious homework and early morning and late evening clinicals that culminates with the nursing board exam,” said Dr. Michele Gill, dean of Health and Wellness. “It is an honor to recognize the nursing graduates for all of their effort and achievements as they begin their journey in the profession of nursing.” 

In addition to the Pinning Ceremony, one associate degree nursing and one practical nursing student were presented with the Essence of Nursing Award for their consistent academic effort, caring actions, positive motivation toward classroom learning and clinical experience, and professional behaviors.   

Associate Degree Nursing student Vanessa Vetick, Lyons, and Practical Nursing Student Lisa Nissen, Wausa, were honored with the award.

Upon completion of the first two semesters of nursing studies at Northeast, students are eligible to take the National Council of Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to become licensed practical nurses. Students who hold a 3.0 grade point average in their nursing courses are eligible to complete the last two semesters of the Northeast program and take the National Council of Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN) to practice as licensed registered nurses.

Students who graduate with an associate degree in nursing are eligible to continue their studies for a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. The general education courses for a bachelor of science in nursing can be taken at Northeast Community College.

Students who were pinned with the Associate Degree Nursing pin include:


Bartlett - Chelsea Smith; Clarkson - Melissa Baumert; Columbus - Tawny Rath; Creston - Vawn Hula; Crofton - Breanna Hansen; Emerson - Jenna Roeber; Homer - Erica Estochen; Leigh - Katie McGuire; Lyons - Vanessa Vetick; Norfolk - Yari Delgado Santos, Nicolle Francis, Ray Rutland, Sara Sudbeck; Pender - Kristina Baker; Pierce - Kelly Ekberg, Devin Watts; Plainview - Heather May; O'Neill - Kelsey Mundhenke, Jamie Olberding, Megan Schneider, Kelsey Sibbel, Paige Stevens;  South Sioux City - Karina Casillas, Cynthia Jurado; Thurston - Angie Dunn; Tilden - Shauna Reikofski; Verdigre - Cynthia Sokol; Wayne - Megan Aschoff, Tanya Brogren; West Point - William Hagemann.

Students who were pinned with the Practical Nursing pin include:


Albion - Brooke Iverson, Anna Rozeboom, Aubrey Schriver; Atkinson - Rachael Osborne;  Battle Creek - Leah Ritze; Carroll - Natalie Sieler; Clearwater - Sara Parks; Cody - Olyvia Barnes; Foster - Miranda Feddern; Fordyce - Hailey Hoebelheinrich; Hickman - Kendra Hagberg; Lynch - Brianne DeKay; Lyons - Amber Reif; Madison - Regina Kuchar; Newcastle - Nicole Schram; Norfolk - Kody Becker, Katelyn Clark, Ellie Eschliman, Jessa Tiedke; O'Neill - Barbara Donohoe, Abbie Vogt; Pierce - Robyn Werner; Ponca - Rachel Krause; Randolph - Mackenzie Thies; South Sioux City - Sammyjoe Bailey; Springview - Burgandy Bartos; Stanton - Abbey Fox, Kyley Reese; Wausa - Lisa Nissen; Winside - Lisa Farren, Natasha Jensen.

Out of State

IA, Arion - Sara Hansen; IA, Mapleton - Lorissa Mauch; IA, Wall Lake - Stephanie Hoppe; SD, Yankton - Mishaela Pokorny.

Some practical nursing students have chosen to continue in the associate degree nursing program at Northeast.                                                  

Each nursing school, at every level of education, has its own unique pin which is worn on the nursing uniform.  The nursing school pin that graduates of the Northeast Community College’s associate degree nursing and licensed practical nursing program receive is symbolic of nursing’s heritage and tradition. 




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Abbey Fox, Stanton, receives her Practical Nursing pin from her son, Cooper, during a ceremony recently in the Cox Activities Center at Northeast Community College in Norfolk. Fox was one of one of 35 practical nursing students and 30 associate degree nursing students at Northeast to take part in the ceremony.

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