Foundation Board of Directors

The Northeast Community College Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that meet four times each year. Members are appointed in July and terms are staggered for up to three years per term.

Nicole Sedlacek
President, O'Neil
Wayne Studebaker
Past President, Norfolk
Bill Tielke
Vice President
Greta Roth
Secretary, Wisner
Roy Miller
Treasurer, Lyons
Walter Aschoff
Kendra Buss
Dr. Robert Cox
Dan Garner
Betty Garwood
E. Clark Gotschall
Scott Gray
Megan Hanefeldt
Don Holloway
Doug Johnson
Arlan Kuehn
Larry Poessnecker
Jeanne Reigle
Jeff Scherer
Pat Slaughter
Dr. G. Tom Surber
Bill Tielke