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Automotive Technology

Success Stories

  • Thank you, Northeast, for giving me a jump start into what has developed into a great career…

    Patsy Behm -- Louisville, NE

  • Northeast gave me the fundamental education I needed to pursue my career goals in Automotive Technology. Without the great classes and instructors I would not be where I am today. Northeast's exceptional schooling is proven as I have two fellow alumni that work with me in my business.

    Michael Guenther -- Crofton, NE

  • I want to give a huge thanks to Northeast Community College. Thanks to them I got the degree to do what i love doing. I received an Applied Science degree in automotive technology in 2005. The instructors were very helpful and answered all my questions, when i didn't understand they would always try to help or explain it until i did understand. I love working on automobiles and now have my own repair facility. I take pride in my work and always do my best on any job. If not for Northeast and my instructors i don't believe i would be in the position I'm in today. So a big thanks to Northeast.

    Don Bermel -- Pierce, NE