Culinary Arts

Associate of Applied Science Degree

You can earn an associate of applied science degree in culinary arts and management from Metropolitan Community College. Courses listed below can be completed through Northeast Community College. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 29 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses

Core 13 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ENGL 1020 English Composition II
Students will read and analyze various texts and respond with research-based argumentative essays that demonstrate information literacy, critical-reading, and source integration. A significant research project is required.
FSDT 1210 Supervision of Food Professionals
Includes techniques in supervision, and human relations and communication in food service management.
FSDT 1221 Introduction to Food Service Nutrition
Includes principles of basic nutrition and healthy menu planning to meet nutrient needs for individuals through each stage of the life cycle and those with special health care needs.
FSDT 1222 Culinary Nutrition Applications
Includes principles of nutrition in food preparation and menu planning for the future chef.
FSDT 1224 Culinary Nutrition Culinary Nutrition Applications Lab
This class affords students the opportunity to apply health-centered cooking techniques in preparing meals for the healthy population and for individuals with common dietary restrictions.
FSDT 1231 Sanitation and Food Safety
Includes sanitation and safety.
FSDT 1280 Culinary Math
This course covers the basics of culinary math. Topics will include cost and profit formulas, recipe conversion, baking formulas, as well as basic math principles.

Required General Education Courses

Behavioral Science 3 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BSAD 1000 Human Relations and Ethics
Study of modern methods and procedures used in effective human relations and ethics including information on the following: definition and history of human relations, ethics, diversity, self-esteem, motivation, communication and personality styles, conflict management and resolution, and team building and rapport as well as self expression and effective listening skills.

Mathematics 3-6 Credit Hours

must meet Math requirement for program of study
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
MATH 1140 Intermediate Algebra
Development of the real numbers as a working replacement set for equations and expressions. Main emphasis is placed on algebraic operations related to polynomials, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, exponential expressions, and logarithmic expressions. Concepts of relations and functions are introduced allowing for further study in math.

Science or Technology 3 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
OFFT 1500 Microsoft Office
This course will give the student practical experience in operating the word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics portions of the Microsoft Office suite.

Social Science 3 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ECON 2110 Principles of Macroeconomics
Introduction to the nature and concepts of economics. Topics include economic systems, measurement and analysis of aggregate variables such as national income, expenditures, fiscal and monetary policy, employment, and inflation. Other policies for macroeconomic stabilization and growth are evaluated.

Written Communication 3 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ENGL 1010 English Composition I
Designed to develop writing skills. Students write papers and essays which emphasize the importance of clarity, idea development, focus, organization, word choice, logic and sentence construction. The process of planning, writing, revising, and editing essays for a particular audience and basic research-related skills are also emphasized.

Note! Note to Current Students

We strongly recommend that you review your course schedule with your advisor and consult the college catalog for specific program requirements.