Business - Real Estate


You can earn a Business - Real Estate certificate. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 21 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses

Core 21 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BSAD 1600 Real Estate Principles and Practices
Introduction to real estate with reference to estates in land, acquisition of title, legal instruments used in real estate transactions, real estate markets, ownership, interests, contracts, closing transfers, financing brokerage, management, appraising, developing, and government influences in real estate.
BSAD 1620 Real Estate Finance
Study of the methods of financing various types of real estate, lending institutions involved in making mortgage loans, and the institutions that are the permanent investors in real estate loans. Examines source of funds and the factors affecting the supply of money available for mortgage loans.
BSAD 2050 Business Communications
Development of both oral and written communicative skills. Students will be able to organize and present effective presentations gaining audience rapport and sending appropriate nonverbal messages as well as formulate effective letters, memos, and reports for business and industry.
BSAD 2130 Salesmanship
Deals with sales as a career and the application of professional selling techniques. Topics include the duties and responsibilities of a professional salesperson, the development, planning and implementation of a sales presentation, role-playing activities, and the various techniques and methods involved in making a sale.
BSAD 2520 Principles of Marketing
A study of the development of an effective marketing program including consumer behavior, product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies.
BSAD 2530 Advanced Marketing
Application of marketing principles and knowledge using case study and project based learning to simulate decisions made by marketing managers utilizing marketing research and analytic based statistics. Course will thoroughly explore strategies to deal with opportunities and challenges of evolving technology in marketing, including social media and mobile marketing. An Integrated Marketing Campaign will be created and evaluated.
BSAD 2620 Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal
Provides instruction in real estate appraisal. Examines the nature of different values, the function and purpose of an appraisal, the methods of establishing value with emphasis on residential market value.

Note! Note to Current Students

We strongly recommend that you review your course schedule with your advisor and consult the college catalog for specific program requirements.