Automotive Light Service Technician


You can earn a Automotive Light Service Technician certificate. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 19 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses

Core 19 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
PSYC 1000 Human Relations
Exposure to practical information from psychology for use in everyday human relations and to improve communication skills.
AUTT 1010 Suspension, Steering, and Brake Systems Theory
Study of various suspension and steering systems along with the functions and purpose of related members of the system. Covers front-end and rear-end alignment angles and their effects on the system. Emphasizes hydraulics and components of modern automotive brake systems.
AUTT 1020 Suspension, Steering, and Brake Systems Lab
Involves practical shop experiences, analyzing and correcting various suspension and steering problems, front-end and rear-end alignment and steering systems repair. Includes diagnosis of brake system problems, repair, and service of brake systems using the proper procedures, methods, tools, and equipment.
MATH 1020 Technical Mathematics I
This course provides the math skills required in career/technical fields. The course includes a review of arithmetic operations, exponents, algebraic operations, and right triangle trigonometry with emphasis placed applications.
AUTT 1110 Electrical Systems Theory
Study of basic electricity, automotive circuitry, and wiring diagrams. Complete coverage of batteries, starting, charging, and accessory systems including application, testing, diagnosis, and repair.
AUTT 1120 Electrical Systems Lab
Practical application, analysis and repair of areas and systems covered in the electrical systems theory class, AUTT 1110. Involves use of proper methods, tools, specifications, and equipment.

Note! Note to Current Students

We strongly recommend that you review your course schedule with your advisor and consult the college catalog for specific program requirements.