Career Services

Helpful Tips for Parents

  1. Encourage your student to visit the Northeast Career Services Office. Services offered include: Assistance in writing resumes and cover letters, filling out job applications, interview assistance, job listings for internships, part time and full time jobs, career assessments, career advice, job fairs and professional development workshops.
  2. Advise your student to start their job search early. Usually takes 3-6 months to secure a job.
  3. Challenge your student to explore and research jobs and industries.
  4. Allow your student to make their own career decisions.
  5. Emphasize the importance of internships.
  6. Encourage extracurricular activities to enhance skills such as leadership, communication, and time management.
  7. Persuade your student to stay up-to-date with current events and career trends.
  8. Expose your student to the world of work. If possible, encourage them to work a part time job.
  9. Teach the value of networking and creating a contact list of professional references.