Reporting a Crime

Emergencies and/or criminal activity occurring on Northeast leased, rented, or owned property or at an Northeast-sponsored event, must be reported immediately to local emergency personnel by dialing 911, or, if using a campus extension, by dialing 9-911.

Follow-up communication should include contacting the Vice President of Student Services' office (402) 844-7272. Designated emergency personnel will respond to reports of criminal action or emergencies occurring on campus. Appropriate action will be taken to address the criminal activity. Follow-up activities strive to identify and prosecute criminals, protect victims' rights, recover stolen property, and encourage restitution, when possible.

Immediate referral of most criminal action will be directed to the appropriate local, state, or federal law enforcement authorities. Any crime occurring on property leased, rented, or owned by Northeast or at an Northeast-sponsored event should be reported directly to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction for that area.