Drugs and Alcohol

The Northeast Community College Student Code of Conduct and employee policies/procedures clearly prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and the possession, use, or sale of alcohol by students and employees on its property or as part of any of its officially recognized activities.  The laws of the State of Nebraska pertaining to the possession and use of illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages on public property shall be followed.  Specifically, this means that it is a violation of the drug and alcohol policy for students or employees to purchase, manufacture, possess, consume, or sell such items on College-owned or leased property or at College-sponsored events.  Student and employee violations of the Code shall result in any one or a combination of the following disciplinary sanctions:

  • Warning;
  • Disciplinary probation;
  • Disciplinary sanctions to include fines and/or community service;
  • Suspension/termination;
  • Referral to a drug/alcohol education class or an appropriate drug/alcohol treatment program;
  • Referral to law enforcement agencies; legal sanctions are denoted in the “Drug Free Schools and Communities Act” Brochure which is also available in hard copy from the Vice President of Student Services; and/or
  • Any other action considered necessary by College officials.
The Director of Student Conduct should be notified of any violations by students.  The Vice President of Human Resources should be notified of any violations by faculty and/or staff.  Students and employees accused of violating the drug/alcohol policy as established shall have the right to: 1) a hearing before the Grievance Committee, and 2) access to appeals as defined within the College policies and procedures.  Reference Codes 2074, 2076, and 5051.