Burkhardt Hall Fire Safety Information

Building Name: Burkhardt Hall
Street Address: 801 East Benjamin Avenue
Year Built: 2004
Occupancy: Residence Hall
Capacity: 146 Beds
Type of Construction: Brick

Fire Alarm Panel: SIMPLEX 4010
General Description: Burkhardt Hall has an addressable central fire alarm panel with smoke heads and strobes in all common areas, hallways, and other areas where required.  The building has smoke heads and strobes in all of the living units.  The building is equipped with pull stations as required.  The building is also equipped with external bells.  The fire alarm panel is hooked into a dialing system that will alert college personnel. 

Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection:
Fire Alarm systems are tested annually

Sprinkler System Description: Burkhardt Hall is a fully sprinklered building that is activated by temperature rise on each individual sprinkler head.

Sprinkler System Inspection:
Automatic sprinkler system is inspected annually


Portable Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building as required.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection: Fire extinguishers located in the residence halls are inspected annually


Fire drills are performed at least once per semester.  Every on-campus housing resident is required to participate. 

  • All residents, staff and guests must exit the nearest fire emergency doors according to the evacuation maps located on each floor. 
  • Room doors must be closed.
  • All residents of Burkhardt Hall must exit to the South and meet at the south end of the parking lot.
  • Resident Assistants and Residence Life staff will take roll call of each floor of the Residence Life facilities to assure all residents are evacuated, safe and without injury.
  • Maintenance and campus security personnel will walk through the units to assure that all residents are out of the buildings in a timely and safe fashion.
  • Maintenance personnel will shut off alarms and residents will be allowed to go back into the Residence Life facilities once the units have been declared safe.
  • Any resident found in the units following the commencement of a fire drill will be assessed a fine.