International Applicants

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Who Are International Students?

An "International Student" is any student whose country of citizenship is outside the United States of America and who is present (or wishes to be present) in the U.S. because he/she possesses a current F-1 visa.

Application Steps

International applicants must complete all general and international student admission requirements before they will obtain a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility), which is necessary to acquire an F-1 visa.

We recommended that international applicants begin the application process six months prior to their anticipated enrollment date. All application materials must be received by the Admissions Office by June 1 if you plan to enroll in the fall (August) semester and November 1 if you plan to enroll in the spring (January) semester.

To be considered for admission, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an international student application

    If you are a new international student, print the International Application Form and send to the International Student Advisor (Address below). You are not able to apply on-line at this time.

  2. Send us your high school transcripts

    Send your high school transcripts, with English translation, to the International Student Advisor (Address below).

  3. Send us your previous college transcripts

    If you have attended another college or university, send your previous college transcripts, with English translation, to the International Student Advisor (Address below).

  4. Send us your transfer form

    If you are transferring from another U.S. college, you need to complete an F-1 Student Transfer Form and send to the International Student Advisor (Address below).

  5. Proof of English language proficiency

    You must submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). To be acceptable, your total score must be a minimum of 500 on the paper exam, 173 on the computer exam or 61 on the ibTOEFL. Northeast Community College’s institutional code for TOEFL is 6473. In lieu of TOEFL scores, you may submit: (1) an official transcript verifying successful completion of a college English course, at the 1000 level or higher, with a grade of "C" or better, at an accredited U.S. educational institution; (2) completion of the Michigan Placement Test with a score of 71 or better, and qualified writing sample; (3) an official SAT score report with a verbal sub-score of 430 or better; or (4) an official ACT score report with an English sub-score of 18 or better. "TOEFL Waivers" will not be accepted. All test scores must be verifiable and current within 5 years.

    Foreign students who are in the United States on another type of visa and wish to enroll in courses at Northeast must follow the English Proficiency requirements. For further assistance, please contact the International Student Advisor (ISA).

  6. Verify financial resources

    You must send written verification that you have the equivalent of $15,392.00 (U.S. dollars) available to you. This is the estimated amount of attending one year at Northeast. These documents should include affidavits of financial support and bank statement. These documents must be originals; photocopies will not be accepted.

  7. All application materials must be sent to:

    International Student Advisor,
    Admissions Office
    Northeast Community College
    801 East Benjamin Avenue
    P.O. Box 469
    Norfolk, NE 68702-0469

  8. Issuing and I-20

    When all documentation has been received, we review each application to determine if admission can be granted. If admission is granted, the ISA will issue a Form I-20 to the applicant.

    Prior to beginning classes, you must attend an Orientation/Registration session and complete a COMPASS or ASSET placement test. You should make travel plans accordingly and plan to arrive on campus at least 5 days prior to the first day of classes.

Acronyms Used

  • F-1 Visa – Student Visa
  • Form I-20 – Certificate of Eligibility;
    the college-issued document that verifies a student's admission status
  • ISA – International Student Advisor
  • SEVIS – Student & Exchange Visitor Information System
  • ICE – U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement
  • USCIS – U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services
  • DHS – Department of Homeland Security
  • Northeast - Northeast Community College
  • SSN – Social Security Number

Scholarship Information

International students are eligible to apply for scholarships through Northeast Community College, but at this time, there are no scholarship opportunities specifically for international (F-1) students.

The deadline to apply for scholarships is March 1. The scholarship application is on-line at Northeast Scholarships.

You can find information about international financial aid and college scholarships at these sites:

F-1 Basic Responsibilities & Expectations

You are expected:
  • to make housing arrangements prior to arriving in Norfolk.
  • to arrive on campus before the first day of classes. Prior to beginning classes, you must attend an Orientation/Registration session and complete a COMPASS or ASSET placement test. You should make travel plans accordingly.
  • to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and make satisfactory progress toward degree completion.
  • to pay all tuition, fees, and room & board costs on or by the first day of classes each semester.
  • to purchase books for your courses.
  • to comply with all rules and regulations governing F-1 students.
  • to support yourself for are least one semester without employment. On-campus employment is limited.
  • to have your college transcript evaluated, course-by-course, by an international transcript evaluation company if planning to transfer college credits to Northeast from a previous international university.

Other Important Information

  • It is recommended that all international students have health insurance with an American insurance company for costs associated with physician’s care, hospitalization, and major medical procedures. Northeast does not provide health insurance coverage or healthcare for its students. You are liable for your own medical expenses.
  • International students present in the United States on temporary visas are considered nonresidents for purposes of tuition payments. Length of stay, payment of taxes, ownership of property, etc., do not imply legal residency.
  • On-campus housing is available but limited. For more information regarding on-campus housing or to obtain a Campus Housing Application, please contact Residence Life at (402) 844-7172 or
  • If you need to request a program extension to complete your program of study, then you need to submit a F-1 Student Program Extension form.

Northeast & Nebraska Information

Northeast was established by the state legislature in 1973 as a comprehensive community college offering vocational/technical, liberal arts, college transfer and continuing education. Today Northeast Community College offers over 80 programs of study.

  • 2100 full-time students; 3100 part-time students
  • 61% of students are 24 or younger
  • 47% female, 53 % male
  • 33 international (F-1) students (2010 Spring)
  • Average class size is 25 students
  • Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, and Associate of Nursing degrees awarded
  • Norfolk is 113 miles from Omaha and 129 miles from Lincoln
  • Norfolk’s population is 24,000

Here are some web sites to learn more about northeast Nebraska:

Nonimmigrant Visa Information

Here are some links that you may find helpful when applying for a Nonimmigrant Visa:

Staying In F-1 Status

To maintain F-1 status, you must:

  • Take a full course load of 12 or more credit hours per semester.
  • If you need to reduce your course load, then you will need to complete a Reduced Course Load Approval Request Form.
  • Keep your passport and other immigration documents current.
  • Report all changes of legal name, address, program of study or receipt of social security number to the ISA.
  • Attend only the college or university that USCIS has authorized you to attend.
  • Not take more than one distance education or on-line course (maximum of 3 credits) per semester to fulfill full-time enrollment requirements.
  • Obtain approval from the ISA prior to withdrawing from a course that places you below full-time enrollment for an allowable academic or medical reason.
  • International Student Advisor needs to be informed so that SEVIS can be updated and a new Form I-20 can be issued. A new financial verification statement must be submitted for the new program prior to issuance of a new I-20 reflecting the change of major.
  • Get a new I-20 for any change in programming or degree level prior to the effective date of change.
  • Never work more than 20 hours per week on campus except during the summer or periods when school is not in session.
  • Never work off campus without prior approval from the ISA and/or ICE/USCIS.
  • Have your I-20 signed by the ISA before traveling out of the U.S. if you plan to return to Northeast Community College.
  • Never allow your I-20 to expire if you haven’t completed your program of study.
  • Keep all of your old original I-20s.
  • Know the immigration regulations that relate to the F-1 visa.

Employment Options for F-1 Students

As an international student, you are only allowed to work on-campus in part-time (less than 20 hours a week), non-work-study jobs.  For more information about on-campus employment opportunities, make an appointment to see the ISA.  You must get a Social Security Number if hired on campus. 

It is against the law to work off campus while in F-1 status without authorization/permission from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and/or the ISA.  You may apply for one of the following options after you have been in F-1 status for one academic year:

A) Employment based on Severe Economic Hardship: This option is available to students who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties due to unforeseen changes that severely affect their financial resources.

B) Curricular Practical Training (CPT):  This is defined as employment pursuant to a required or optional internship which is an integral part of the established curriculum of a specific major/program of study. CPT is available before completion of studies.

C) Optional Practical Training (OPT):  This is defined as employment related to a student’s field of study. It is authorized in variable increments to be deducted from the maximum of one year of OPT per educational level.

If interested in seeking off-campus employment, you should make an appointment to see the ISA.

Social Security Number

The Application for a Social Security Number can be used by anyone who has never been issued a SSN, needs a replacement card or has legally changed his or her name. This service is free. International students are not able to apply for a SSN until they have secured on-campus employment. A SSN is only necessary for getting a job; for other purposes (i.e. getting a cell phone), a passport, drivers license, or student ID can be used as valid identification documents.

Steps to obtain a Social Security Number:

  1. Get an on-campus job.
  2. Get a letter of employment from your new employer (letter must be supplied on company letter-head stationery and with an original signature and include the Employer Identification Number).
  3. Obtain a letter from the ISA.
  4. Take all of the following items to the Social Security Administration office:
    • Letter from on-campus employer
    • Letter from ISA
    • Social Security Number Application
    • I-94 card
    • I-20 (for F-1 students)
    • Valid Passport
    • Visa
    • One photo ID that is at least one year old (could be passport)
  5. Get a receipt from the Social Security Administration in order to prove that you have applied for a social security number.
  6. Notify the ISA when you have received your Social Security Number (card).

Completion of Studies

When you have finished your program of study at Northeast, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Continue studies at Northeast in another program. An updated I-20 must be issued to reflect these changes; make an appointment to speak to the ISA.
  2. Transfer to another college or university. An updated I-20 must be issued to reflect these changes; make an appointment to speak to the ISA.
  3. Apply for Optional Practical Training. Make an appointment to speak to the ISA.
  4. Return home (leave the U.S.) within 60 days of the Program End Date.

Need Help?

If you need help contact the International Student Advisor.
Advising & Academic Support Center
College Welcome Center, room 1283
(402) 844-7270