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If you have been admitted as a student and have a disability you are encouraged to register with Disability Services by following the steps listed below. Once eligibility is established and the student completes the registration process, he or she may be eligible for reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to Northeast programs of study and activities.

Application for Disability Services and Accommodation Procedure

Steps 1-2

  1. Complete a Northeast Community College Admission application

  2. Review the entire Accommodation Procedure and follow the steps outlined below


Steps 3-6 Enroll Into The Disability Services Program-Intake Meeting

  1. Disclose you have a disability to the Disability Services Coordinator and discuss the impact the disability may have on completing your education. Note: A diagnosis of a disability does not automatically qualify a student for accommodations under the ADA.

  1. Apply for services by completing the Disability Services Application with the Disabilities Services Coordinator or designees.

  2. Provide current and appropriate documentation for which a diagnosis is offered by a qualified professional. This document should indicate the impact the disability will have on obtaining an education. The college does not pay for obtaining documentation.

  3. Determine with the Disability Services Coordinator appropriate accommodations. Request specific services or classroom accommodations at the intake meeting. Students qualifying for services will work with the DS Coordinator or designee to determine reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids and services.


Steps 7 - 9 What are the Student’s Responsibilities Initially and Each Semester

  1. Complete with the Disabilities Services Coordinator “Letters of Accommodation” once you have competed the steps 1-6 and registered for classes. The Disabilities Services Coordinator will provide a "Letter of Accommodation" to students for each class they are requesting accommodations. Students need to take these letters of accommodation to faculty as an official notification to the faculty that she/he has a certified disability that requires the specified accommodations.

  2. Obtain your “Letters of Accommodation(s)” (LOA) from the Disabilities Services Coordinator the first week of the semester and present LOA to course instructors; if taking a distance learning class, you will communicate electronically with your instructor. Students present the LOA to instructors of their classes in which they are requesting accommodation and discuss their accommodation(s), the instructor signs the LOA and the student returns the signed LOA to the Disabilities Services Office. If taking online/distant learning classes, ask the Disabilities Services Coordinator to e-mail the LOA after communicating to the online/distant learning instructor a need for accommodation(s).

  3. Students with disabilities are responsible for contacting Disabilities Services Coordinator if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in a timely way or are not effective.

  4. Students must meet the academic standards expected of all students.

  5. Students must review the effectiveness of their accommodations and evaluate services each semester


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Need help or additional information?

If you need assistance or more information, please contact:

Mary Balaski, Disabilities Services Coordinator

Phone: (402) 844-7343
Toll-Free: (800) 348-9033, Ext. 7343
Fax: (402) 844-7412
Email: mary@northeast.edu
Office: CWC 1263

Section 504/ ADA / Title IX
Compliance Officer

General Counsel and
Vice President of Human Resources
Email: compliance@northeast.edu