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Completion Or Graduation Rates

Northeast Community College provides each student with valuable information about the success of students who enter each fall term as a first time, full time, degree-seeking student.

Graduation rate is determined by tracking a fall cohort of students who begin their studies as first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students. These students are then tracked for 150% of the normal completion time for their degree or diploma. A student who is seeking a one-year diploma would have one and a half years to complete the diploma requirements. A student who is seeking a two-year degree would have three years to complete the degree requirements.

The The table below tracks the first-time, full-time students who entered Northeast Community College in the fall 2013 term.

 Fall CohortExclusionsGraduatesGraduation RateTransfer OutTransfer Rate

The The table below presents the 150% graduation rate for four years and calculates the total for the fall cohorts of 2010-2013. New in 2016 (Fall 2013 cohort) was IPEDS collecting the HEA (as amended) required graduation rate for Pell recipients and recipients of a subsidized Stafford Loan who did not receive a Pell Grant.

4-year Calculationrong>201020112012201320134 year total/average
Revised Cohort>8627908017493,202
Adjusted Cohort8627908007493,201
Graduation Rate43%46%48%53%47%
Transfer Rate13%16%14%13%14%

It is worth noting many of the students who are in the original cohort do not show as completers because they have transferred to a two or four year university or college. This was the goal of the student when they entered Northeast Community College. Though they are not considered a graduate, they did successfully complete their education goal at Northeast Community College.