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Withdrawal From College

If you must withdraw from school, see your advisor first.  The withdrawal form must be completed and returned prior to the "last day to withdraw" listed on the academic calendar.  Your advisor, Extended Campus Director or the Registrar’s Office can supply you with the necessary forms.

Students who officially withdraw will receive a "W" for the course or courses they were taking. Any student who stops attending classes and does not officially withdraw receives an "F" grade, which becomes a part of the student’s permanent record.

In the case of a problem not scholastic in nature, a "W" can be given by the instructor in consultation with the Vice President of Student Services or his/her designee after the drop period has ended. Veterans who withdraw from school may be required to reimburse the Veterans Administration for payments received. For the purpose of returning funds received from Federal financial aid programs, the date of withdrawal will be determined by the last day of attendance or the date of the first signature on the student’s withdrawal form.

Need help or additional information?

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