Records and Registration


The College expects students to attend classes and complete assignments, including assignments missed due to absence. Each instructor develops and enforces the attendance requirements for each course. Students who cannot attend a class must notify the course instructor. In cases of extended illness, students must also notify the Dean of Student Life. Students who miss class due to military obligations must notify the College’s VA Certifying Official in the Registrar’s Office.

Student Failure to Start Attendance--Administrative Withdrawal

Northeast Community College is required to verify the enrollment and participation of students who participate in Federal Title IV student aid programs and/or who receive educational benefits through alternate funding sources. Students who fail to start a class and never complete an assignment will be considered a no show in the course and will be reported for non-attendance by Northeast faculty.

  • Students who are considered a no show will be administratively withdrawn from the course and the student’s financial aid will be adjusted to reflect eligibility only for those courses attended.
  • Students who have been administratively withdrawn from a course will have the course and all tuition and fees associated with the course removed from their record; a registration hold will also be placed on their account. Students who are administratively withdrawn will receive email notification from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students who have not had any active participation in a course in the first two weeks of the term will not be allowed to re-enroll in the course. In the event that the student can prove he/she had active participation within the first two weeks, the student must appeal to the course instructor to be re-enrolled. All appeals will be reviewed within five consecutive calendar days by College Committee; the student will be notified of Committee decision. Prior to the start of the next enrollment period, the student will be required to meet with a General Advisor from the Advising & Academic Support Center to have the registration hold removed from his/her account.

Students Who Stop Attending

Students are expected to follow the College’s Drop/Withdrawal procedures. Students who stop attending a course after attendance has been established must drop the course and/or withdraw from the term. Stopping attendance during a term is defined as not actively participating in a course for 14 consecutive calendar days. Stopping attendance does not cancel tuition charges or prevent the course and grade from appearing on the student’s academic record. Students who have stopped attending a course and fail to officially drop the course will be assigned a "UF" (Unearned "F") grade.

  • A "UF" grade is counted as a failure in the calculation of grade point average and academic standing.
  • A student who is assigned a "UF" grade will not be allowed to return to the class for the current term.
  • The issuance of a "UF" grade will activate re-evaluation of the student’s financial aid and may result in repayment as noted in the Return to Title IV guidelines.

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