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Northeast Communication and Information Standards

This document includes information on Marketing, Public Relation, and Web Standards. These standards and procedures are important to the integrity of the Northeast brand and user experiences when engaging with the College’s stakeholders, with the goal of protecting and enhancing the Northeast brand. Should you have questions or comments about these standards, please contact the Institutional Advancement Division.

Northeast Communication and Information Standards


Northeast Branded Powerpoint Template

Northeast Community College communicates with many and diverse audiences. Part of the goal of every College communication, regardless of the audience, is to identify consistently and positively with the College. To help achieve this goal, please use the approved powerpoint templates when presenting to an external audience.

Presentation Slideshows on SharePoint

Model Release Forms

If photographing people who can be easily identified, always use an approved image release form. When creating registration materials for an event involving youth under the age of 19, please use the Image Release for a Minor. All others will use the Image Release for over 19.

Image Release for a Minor

Image Release for Over 19