High School Connections

Get a head start on college and earn college credit.


Why would you want to take college classes while still in high school? 

  • To save money.  Northeast’s tuition is much less than that of four-year colleges and you’ll be dollars ahead when tuition rates go up! Taking a few classes now will save dollars later.
  • To learn in a small class setting. College classes taken in the high school setting or at Northeast mean smaller class sizes, more time to learn, easy access to your instructor, and a supportive learning environment.
  • To lighten the load. A typical college student takes about 15 credit hours each semester. Instructors will tell you that for each hour you’re in class you should spend about two hours working on the class on your own, which equates to about 45 hours of school work each week.  If you can get some classes out of the way early, you might be able to take fewer credit hours when you are a full-time college student.
  • To earn your degree faster. Getting some of your college classes finished early will allow you to finish your degree sooner.  Even better, the likelihood of graduating from college is increased for those who take college credit classes while in high school.
  • To learn a specific skill. Learning technical skills will make you a more valuable employee when you start your career.